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Welcome to Medical center for human reproduction and assisted fertilization “TECHNOBIOS” Ltd, Sofia and Good Luck!


Through this website we hope to keep you informed how the recent technology helps to create new human life. The modern medical assisted reproduction techniques (ART) applied by “TECHNOBIOS” Ltd. give couples new hope of conceiving the child they long for.

Although no-one can guarantee to satisfy your hopes of a child, the Medical center “Technobios” guarantees it will do everything it can to help you as correctly and effectively as possible. Our doctors and specialists form a closely-knit and highly experienced, leading team in Bulgaria.

Generally speaking, in vitro fertilization and related methods offer a reasonable chance of success – your hopes are justified. We share the same hopes. Good luck!

If pregnancy through natural methods is not possible, medical science may offer a solution. For some couples, intrauterine insemination is sufficient, whereas others need to follow the full in vitro fertilization treatment, i.e. blood tests, stimulation of ovaries, ultrasound scans, collection of gametes, fertilization in the laboratory, transfer procedure and monitoring of pregnancies.


“Technobios” Ltd is an officially registered from Bulgarian authorities medical centre, specialising in the treatment of human infertility by medically assisted reproductive technologies (ART).The Centre is founded in 2001 by Professor Iliya Vatev, MD, PhD.

The Centre comprises a gynaecological sector and a separate laboratory for reproductive biology and assisted fertilization. Beds are available for short stay of patients, where needed.

Videofilm about the very first bulgarian test-tube baby is shown here (translation in French language):

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